Winners Announced
by Nokia

February 17, 2012

The Alphalabs competition has been run in collaboration with Nokia and onedotzero, a partnership to inspire creativity mixing art, design and technology. Designed to encourage artists and developers to share and experiment with apps, to be creative and possibly collaborate, it was fantastic to see the response and buzz around the project and those creative entries that made the deadline. We hope it will inspire many more of you to creatively play with technology.

We are pleased to announce the winner is FOUNDBITE who will be the recipient of the £5000 top prize.

Foundbite is a simple, well made idea, that encourages sharing our experiences of the world in an alternative way. It beautifully merges photos, sound and maps into a personal snapshot of a time, place and most importantly a happening. It's potential is huge and it has has many routes to expand further without losing its core idea.

The 10 runners up who will all receive £500 are (in no particular order):

Drum Machine
Tell DJ
;) or ;(
Frosty Window
Beatbox Sampler
This is my Story
BBC Podcast

All of the winners will be contacted directly by email over the next few weeks. Congratulations!

"I am delighted with the output from the Alphalabs competition and congratulations to the winner, Foundbite, with their unique combination of photography, location and sound recordings. Thanks also goes out to the 10 runners up and everyone else who entered." - Keith Varty, Nokia.

We would like to thank everyone who took the time to contribute to the Alphalabs experiment.

Many thanks,

Nokia & onedotzero



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